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This literature has been compiled from many materials of studies of Botanical Sciences, Jiwaji Gwalior University  (M.P.) India; Books of Vietnamese herbs and medicines written by Professor Dr. Đỗ Tất Lợi and other studies and researches.

Wild bitter melon or Wild bitter gourd has the scientific term of Momordica Charantia Linn; tastes bitter, is medically ‘cool’ and toxin-free.

Wild bitter melon is herbal medical vines growing in tropical and sub-tropical areas, belonging to Cucurbitaceae variety.

Khổ qua rừng

According to the study and research literatures of many countries, Wild bitter melon has been used as Asian traditional medicine for different diseases so far. The main components analyzed from wild bitter melon are groups of triterpene, protein, steroid, alkaloid, inorganic matters, lipid, and the phenolic compounds. These components have biological actives and medicinal characteristics to fight against diabetes, tumors and cancer, bacteria, viruses, parasitical worms, yellow fever, fibroma and poly-immunized diseases. All these herbal features make it the real natures wonder.


All the leaves, vines, roots and fruits of the wild bitter melons can be used. Also, these can be used (drinking, eating) long time without any contradiction from western medicines.

1. Supports for the treatment of diabetes: having biological action like that of insulin, helping with the production of insulin, supporting the glucose metabolizing in the blood quickly and effectively, with a small amount of dose. Dosage: 3 times a day with 1.5 gram each of the wild bitter melon. A dose of dried wild bitter melon after a meal will help with reducing the blood pressure. It is good for those patients having Type II diabetes.

2. Balancing the blood pressure; reducing blood, liver fat; destroying renal calculus. Especially, the medicine helps reduce coronary arterial sclerosis, effectively protects arterial stoppage. Also, the medicine fights against free agents which cause aging, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, damaged nerves, blood lipid disorder, urinary inflammation.

3. Prevention of fibroma and cancer: According to modern medicine, wild bitter melon helps strengthen the body immunity function, kill bacteria, viruses, fibroma and cancerous cells. It also strongly supports those cancer patients who have been undergoing radiotherapy.

4. Losing weight: owing to the glucose oxidation, suppressing the activity of combined glucose, preventing the metabolism of extra food into spare fat, the wild bitter melon helps reduce weight safety and effectively. It reduces the weight gradually without fatigue – on average 1-2 kg /month with unchanged diet.

5. Helping with the treatment of Gout: The wild bitter melon has the effect of reducing uric acids, supporting the treatment of gout.

6. Treatment of sunburnt, pimples, heat rash: owing to being rich in vitamins A, D, E as well as phosphate, potassium, the wild bitter melon can remove the toxic agents in the liver, making the complexion fresh and smooth.

7. The treatment coughing & bronchitis: boil 20-30g of the dried wild bitter melon fruit in water and drink it every day.

8. Supporting the treatment of rheumatism

9. The treatment for sunstroke, reducing fever: boil the wild bitter melon in water and then drink. Such dose can cure sunstroke and reduce fever.

10. Besides, the wild bitter melon also heightens the resistance against the bacterial infection.

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